About Us

Biggest Bang For Your Visualisation Buck

We pride ourselves in deeply understanding the client’s

brief in order to produce highly effective presentation

without incurring unnecessary cost.


Super Fast Turn Around Time

With extensive library, rock solid production platform

and seamless integration with multiple render farms, we

are committed to tackling complex projects on tight



Extensive Architectural Knowledge

Founded in 1999 by Sukardi Ismail, a Cambridge trained

architect, we have all the necessary expertise to visually

conceptualise a complex architectural project into an

effective, high impact presentations.


Broad International Experience

Realism Studio has worked with clients from Kuwait,

Qatar and USA as well as Malaysian clients venturing

into international projects.


Production Proven Animation Platform

Realism Studio animation production is based on

Lightwave 3D, a software widely used in Hollywood

feature films and capable of handling any scale of

projects imaginable.






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