5 Tips To Reduce Animation Costs

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1. Choose the right format/resolution

As a vey basic rule of thumb, HD720 animation cost about twice as much as traditional DVD format and HD1080 would cost twice as much again. You may have good reasons for going with the higher format (like, they look absolutely gorgeous) but always bear in mind the cost implications.

One simple way to determine the optimal format is to consider the maximum capability of your primary presentation device. If you are going to use a VGA projector for your main presentation, it would be a complete waste of money to do the animation in HD1080.

Check this out for detailed discussions of the various display format.

2. Keep it short
In my experience, the optimum duration for architectural animation is between 2 to 5 minutes. Your actual video can be longer if it includes other materials such as charts, live shots, interviews etc but it is best to keep the animation component within this range.

Other things being constant, the cost of architectural animations tend to correlate directly to the length of the duration. Also try not to change the targetted duration in mid production. That tend to mess up the creative aspect of the animation which means you may end up paying more for inferior result.

3.  Get all your information compiled before starting production.

Production (for architectural animation) manhour is expensive. You really don’t want wasting those time waiting for the consultants to come up with the latest updated drawings or specs. Futhermore, if there substantial delay, your animator may have moved on to another job and may need to finish that job first before returning to your project.

4.  Do not order the final rendering until you are absolutely sure.
In most animation jobs, the quotation given includes only one round of final rendering. If you have given express approval for final rendering and then for whatever reason, ask for changes; chances are you have to pay for it. Bear in mind that ( a single round) final rendering can cost as much as 30% of total animation.

5.  Stick to somebody you are comfortable working with.
Production jobs can be very cyclical and animators/animation firms spend a great deal of effort and resources in getting new clients and jobs. If you can provide a steady stream of  jobs, they are normally wiling to work at substantial discount. At Realism Studio, regular clients pays as little as 20% less than new clients.

Properly executed, architectural animations can bring enormous value or even the critical edge to your projects. They can also be a substantial investment. Remember the above 5 points to ensure that you do not pay more that what is needed to get the job done.

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